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Attali Desarrollos creates communities that are carefully designed and of exceptional quality. Communities where people’s quality of life is the starting point.

«Architecture contains an inherent, intrinsic energy that has the capacity to induce events and a profound impact on people’s well-being, which distinguishes it from other creative expressions.»



At ATTALI Desarrollos, we cultivate a real estate ecosystem that awakens the potential for new horizons and contributes to the growth and development of communities. We strive to transcend borders and raise real estate standards to promote elevated living.

We nurture a business portfolio that offers a variety of real estate solutions, bringing together the best expertise and centralizing redundant processes to achieve excellence.

At ATTALI Desarrollos, we create communities where balance and sustainability are our guide. We are dedicated to weaving nature and design to forge spaces that transcend. We are passionate about building environments to inspire life at home.


Attali Desarrollos was born as a result of a series of in-depth conversations and exchanges of ideas between 3 experts in the world of architecture and construction, on the evolution of the real estate development industry in Costa Rica.


This is how in 2019 this initiative was founded, materializing an ambitious project that takes shape through the perfect fusion of the contribution of each of them in the field of their area of expertise, and their vision of the industry and the transformation of environments in a society in constant evolution.

Arditti + RDT

Arditti + RDT, our valuable strategic partner in ATTALI Desarrollos, is an international architectural firm with solid experience and recognition in the sector. Their collaboration allows us to offer innovative real estate products that incorporate the latest trends in design. With more than 35 years of experience, Arditti + RDT has successfully demonstrated its expertise in more than 300 built projects, ranging from corporate and residential buildings to tourist destinations, religious sites, sports facilities, government institutions and much more.

At ATTALI Desarrollos, we share a passion for excellence and the pursuit of innovation. Our partnership with Arditti + RDT allows us to raise the standards of design and construction, creating spaces that embody the harmony of a community. Together, we are committed to transforming environments and delivering exceptional real estate solutions that enrich the lives of communities and awaken the potential for new horizons.


With a legacy of more than two decades in the national market, AIE has stood out for its facilitating approach in the realization of projects for its clients, converting opportunities into finished works of the highest quality and impact on the community. Its work philosophy, based on Adaptability, Integration and Efficiency (AIE), together with our experience and vision, we provide an innovative and comprehensive service.

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Residential Condominiums



Discover ATTALI Escazú: Bosque Residencial, a jewel in San Rafael de Escazú. This exquisite community has 20 luxury apartments in its first stage, located on a 17,000 m2 property in the heart of Escazú.

Our project offers spacious single level apartments, designed with large terraces and all the amenities you can imagine, all framed by a completely natural environment.

ATTALI Escazú is the result of a collaboration with the prestigious architectural firm Arditti + RDT Arquitectos, who have created an exclusive residential forest. Here, you will enjoy your home surrounded by more than 11,000 m2 of gardens, trails and green areas, seamlessly integrating the city and nature.

Get closer to Attali Escazú.

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ALTTA Unique Living

ALTTA gives you the opportunity to live in a place you won’t want to disconnect from. Our project consists of 6 residential lots, each a blank canvas, with extraordinary topographical conditions that offer sweeping panoramic views of the central valley and mountains.

At ALTTA, we value your sense of individuality and privacy. Here, we offer you the privilege of choice, where each plot is a unique jewel. Each parcel is like a blank canvas, waiting for your vision to unleash an extraordinary project. Our safe and natural environment allows you to enjoy an unparalleled quality of life, with the possibility of building your residence in a curated setting.

Discover ALTTA, where we forge an extraordinary life and offer you the freedom to create your home your way.

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AVVIA Urban Living Redefined

Located in the heart of San Rafael de Escazú, AVVIA is a residential project that embodies honesty in all its processes. Composed of two buildings that house a total of 84 apartments of 2 and 3 bedrooms, all of them with European finishes of the highest quality and modern amenities. Here, the sum of all parts is sought to obtain an even better result.

This project, designed by the prestigious firm Arditti + RDT Arquitectos, embraces the philosophy of community and cooperation. At AVVIA, we believe in interdependence and connection among our residents. We believe that people thrive when they are part of a supportive network and contribute to the well-being of others. This promotes a sense of belonging and shared responsibility.

AVVIA is in a prime location in San Rafael de Escazú, surrounded by a wide range of places of interest. Here, you will experience the convenience of a ‘Grab & Go’ lifestyle, where everything you need is at your fingertips. We are committed to innovation and constantly redefining the way you live.

Just steps away from the Costa Rica Country Club and our sister project ATTALI ESCAZÚ.

ATTALI Escazú by Arditti Arquitectos + RDT

San José, Costa Rica

+506 4800 1887